Camtree Car Vaccum Suction Cup


  • Maximum stability for cameras up to 5kg and gets quickly attached & detached on any vehicle.
  • Features three leg attachment points each with two positive locking ratchet joints, one for tilt and one for swivel.
  • Grips securely on any surface like car window, dashboard or roof etc. Red-line indicator warns on any vacuum loss.
  • Allows the camera to move in any desired direction i.e. vertical and horizontal movement.



  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 100mm Bowl Head
  • 310mm x 3 Rods
  • 156mm x 3 Rods
  • 76mm x 3 Rods
  • Running Weight Capacity : 20kg
  • Static Position Weight Capacity : 25kgs

The longer & the more equipments you rent, the price will be lower.

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