At VCAMS studio, we transform your vision into captivating photographs and videos, allowing you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Rent our exquisite studio located in the heart of Bangalore, which is fully equipped with all amenities for a memorable shoot. We designed this photography and videography studio with the production crew, models, makeup artists, and clients in mind, as well as shooting high-quality content. VCAMS is a full-service photography-equipment-rental agency and leading provider that strives to realise our mission via your success by providing you with the skills and tools you require at every stage of your journey.

We offer totally customizable and independent in-house studio space with a bank of accessories and equipment at competitive costs. The studios are air-conditioned and have tranquil surroundings to provide you with a seamless experience with functionality of the space, convenience of use, and a large selection of equipment for both photography and videography. Our green screen is thick and durable, and it can accommodate a wide range of subjects. We can also supply you with a basic assistant or an expert lighting assistant/photographer for important work or when you require support throughout your session (on request additional charges).

A one-stop shop for photography enthusiasts alike, serving as a catalyst for excellence in bringing ideas and visions to life.

We have two lovely studio spaces for you to create unforgettable memories:

Green cyclorama soundproof studio : VCAMS Studios provides areas suited for Film, TV and photography, equipped with electricity, soundproofing, lighting, changing rooms and WiFi.

During a green screen shoot, the cyclorama green screen gives versatility and consistency. The cyclorama wall allows the cameraman to shoot from multiple angles, giving the artist and cinematographer flexibility and mobility. The cyclorama wall creates the appearance of infinity, indicating that the location and effects will exceed the audience's expectations.

White cyclorama studios : Studio sets with white cycloramas can be used to create the illusion of a vast outside setting or even outer space. Cyclorama walls are widely utilised in product photography and video production where the topic or object must be the focal point.

Rent VCAMS Studio space for any of these occasions

  • Studio space for Rent / Hire
  • Portfolio
  • Pre-wedding / Wedding
  • E-commerce
  • Catalog
  • Product Shoot
  • Movie Stills
  • Short Films
  • Audition Space
  • Casting
  • Model Coordination
  • Camera Rental
  • Dubbing Studio
  • Editing
  • Maternity Shoot
  • Baby Shoot
  • Profile Shoot
  • Event Shoot
  • Interior Shoot
  • Food Photography

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