Yidoblo A-2200BI 75W LED Light


  • Model: A2200BI
  • Power: 75W
  • Luminance: 10000lux
  • CRI: 95RA
  • Color temp: 2800k-9900k
  • Material: Double-Sided Aluminum Plate
  • Light Angle: 120 Degree
  • Size: 29x50x10cm
  • Weight: 4.68kg
  • Color temperature can be adjustable between 2800k and 9900k, fully dimmable from 0% to 99%.
  • Precise Color Rendering with high intensity.( CRI>95ra), perfect lighting choice for film and TV service, live studio setup and advertising.
  • Variable control options are available: on-board control Panel, Remote.
  • Beautiful soft Beam of Light, and it is combination of a precise selection of diffusion panels.



  • YidobloLight
  • V-mount battery - 1Nos
  • AC Power Adapter and Power Cable
  • Light Stand
  • Aluminum 4-way barndoors
  • Diffuser Plate
  • Carrying Bag

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