White cyclorama studio


White cyclorama studio

Studio Tariff : 7000rs per day (8am to 6pm). Call us for more details on your timings and pricing.

900rs Per Hour (Minimum 4 hours)

24/7 studio will be open for shoot.


  • If you’re searching for a fully equipped studio space on rent for your next shoot, VCAMS Studios is the right place. We offer 24-hour service of Studio space and Equipments for Corporate, Product-shoot, Motion pictures, TV, Commercials, Music- videos and Photography.
  • We have multiple studio facilities that allow for your production to shoot on both Green screen cyclorama and white cyclorama simultaneously. 
  • We are also have an in-house equipment rental service and have everything you need for your shoot on-site. Just let us know what equipment you need for your shoot and we will make it happen! We have in-house crew that’s experienced with White screen shoots that we can recommend to assist you. This reduces the transportation and manpower.
  • Our in-house lighting technicians also can pre-light your White screen stage to your specs saving you several costly crew hours.
  • We are here as a full service support resource for your shoot and we will work alongside you to make sure your shoot is a success from pre-production all the way to wrap.
  • We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you.




Dimensions : Width 21 x Height 10 x Length 32 (In feet).

  • Infinity White painted studio.
  • Online-inverter power supply of 12.5KV. No power cuts and no interruptions.
  • We have in-house technicians (optional) that’s experienced with White screen shoots that we can recommend to assist you.
  • Optional Crew (in-house professionals) available (DoP, Sound-recordist, Gaffer, Gimbal-operator, Camera-operator, Camera-attendant, Light-technician)
  • Optional Equipment's available (Cameras, Lenses, Lights, Sound-equipment's, Tripods, Monitors, Generators, Paper-rolls, Gimbals & Sliders.)
  • We have professional make-up room and spacious dressing room providing the models/artists a comfortable space.

The longer & the more equipments you rent, the price will be lower.

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